Welcome to the Renz-Logan wedding!

We would love to see you all at the Fogo Island Inn August 18 & 19, 2017…  Please check out the additional information about Fogo Island and Newfoundland (use the links in the menu at the top of the page) in case you want to use the wedding weekend as an excuse to take a vacation in the Great White North.

Please fill out the RSVP form so we can make the best preparations possible for the weekend!

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Schedule of events

Thursday 08/17/2017

If you are planning to arrive on Thursday, please let us know via the online RSVP form below so we can coordinate lodging. We have reserved a block of B&Bs on Fogo Island for early arrivers. We encourage you to come!

7:00 pm: Rehearsal dinner at Nicole’s Cafe. Open to all!  Dress is casual.

9:00 pm: After-party & live music & iceberg-iced drinks at Foley’s shed, as seen below.


Friday 08/18/2017

Morning: Arrival via Boston charter flight direct to Fogo Island, please RSVP.

Anytime: Arrival via commercial flights to Gander Airport (YQX) with car and ferry transfer to Fogo Island Inn. Transfer may take 2-3 hours.

Throughout day: Arranged activities such as cod fishing, hiking, berry picking, whale watching, caribou spotting and more.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the Inn.

7:00 pm: Welcome boil-up (clam-bake) at the Inn. The event is outdoors. Dress code is casual.

Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada

Saturday 08/19/2017

Throughout day: Arranged activities such as cod fishing, hiking, berry picking, whale watching, caribou spotting and more.  Breakfast and lunch provided by the Inn.

5:30 pm: Wedding ceremony at the Inn, reception to follow. Dress code is formal.


Sunday 08/20/2017

9:00 am – 2:00 pm: Farewell brunch at Fogo Island Inn

Anytime: Departure. All guests should make return flight arrangements. Car and ferry transfers from Fogo Island to Gander Airport (YQX) are available.


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The Fogo Island Inn has been completely reserved for Friday 8/18 and for 8/19 our big day! Room rates start at $200 Canadian dollars per night. That is around $150 USD per night. Suites and family set-up rooms are available. If you plan to come early on Thursday, we have some B&Bs already booked, so just contact Jen or Jesse directly.
Space is limited at the Inn, so be sure to reserve a spot once you have decided to come! To do so, please contact Alexandra Sklierenko directly at the Inn. She will be handling all our reservations. Her number is 416-593-0641 (office) or 647-223-5115 (mobile). Her email is AlexandraSklierenko@fogoislandinn.ca. Please mention that you are with the Logan-Renz assemblage.

We encourage everyone to read a bit about the Inn; Bloomberg did a nice write up, or click through the Inn’s website, or peruse the vision of the Shorefast foundation,

It is truly a extraordinary place, run by remarkable people. We can’t wait to share it with you all!


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Getting there

Getting to Fogo Island is part of the adventure. The traditional route to Fogo Island is to fly into Gander Airport (YQX), then rent a car or arrange other transport to the Farewell Ferry. The drive from Gander to Farewell Ferry is one hour. Unfortunately, the Ferry schedule has not been released yet for August (we will update this page as soon as it is). Ferry times are crucial to the timing of your arrival.  The Ferry leaves every 2-3 hours and takes approximately 1 hours to reach Fogo Island.

There are a number of options for getting to Gander on commercial flights:

For Thursday late afternoon arrival

N.B. contact Jen and Jesse for Thursday lodging options, we have a block of rooms available for those who are joining us on Thursday.

  • Option 1: Connect through Halifax (YHZ) on 8/17 – Westjet 3500, 12:05pm to 2:19pm. Catch Thursday late afternoon Ferry to Fogo.
  • Option 2: Connect through Halifax (YHZ) on 8/17 – Air Canada 8862, 11:40am to 2:18pm. Catch Thursday late afternoon Ferry to Fogo.
  • Option 3: Connect through St. Johns (YYT) on 8/17 – Air Canada 7785, 2:40pm to 3:25pm. Catch Thursday late afternoon Ferry to Fogo.

For Friday morning arrival 

  • Charter from Boston: A charter flight from Boston Logan Airport (BOS), leaving from Signature Flights (private plane terminal), has been arranged!
    • The flight will leave between 8 am and 10 am on Friday August 18th. The departure time be finalized shortly.
    • This private charter is operated by Provincial Airline (PAL) on a 37 passenger DASH 8 100 (see photo). There will be a flight attendant on board.
    • Light snacks and beverages will be available. Please notify us of any food allergies.
    • There is one stop over in Halifax, Nova Scotia to clear Canadian immigration and customs.
    • Depending on how many will take the flight, the price will be $400-500 per passenger for the one-way trip.
    • Passengers will need a current passport, with at least six month before expiry and two blank visa pages.
    • Please contact Jesse, loganj3@gmail.com to reserve you seat!


  • Commercial flight option 1 (requires overnight layover): Connect through Halifax (YHZ) on 8/17 – Air Canada 8860, 11:05pm to 1:43am. Spend night in Gander. Catch Friday morning Ferry to Fogo.
  • Commercial flight option 2 (requires overnight layover):: Connect through Toronto on 8/17 (YYZ) – Air Canada 7264, 10:25pm to 2:50am. Spend night in Gander. Catch Friday morning Ferry to Fogo.

For Friday late afternoon arrival

  • Option 1: Connect through Toronto (YYZ) on 8/18 – Sunwing 835, 6:20am to 10:45am. Catch Friday midday Ferry to Fogo.
  • Option 2: Connect through St. Johns (YYT) on 8/18 – Air Canada 7783, 9:35am to 10:20am. Catch Friday midday Ferry to Fogo.
  • Option 3: Connect through Halifax (YHZ) on 8/18- Air Canada 8862, 11:40am to 2:18pm. Catch Friday late afternoon Ferry to Fogo.
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To help you plan


Fogo Islanders know well that Mother Nature is unpredictable. So unpredictable, in fact, that Fogo-ers have created three new seasons, for a grand total of seven: Spring, Trap Berth, Summer, Berry, Late fall, Winter and Pack Ice.

Despite our immense desire for a “Trap Berth” wedding, our date of August 19th falls in Summer. Historical data suggests August temperatures will be around 70 degrees in daytime and 55 degrees at night.

Jen and I are actively lobbying multiple solar deities, Áine, Ra and Helios but we can’t completely rely on our noteworthy abilities of persuasion. Guests should come prepared for wet weather. Snow is not expected.


The are a number of activities on Fogo Island. Here is a full list of things to do. Activity arrangements can be made through the Inn upon arrival. Our experiential suggestions are:

1.) Hiking: There are great hikes across the island. Below, Jen and a reindeer take in the views of the frozen-over Deep Bay harbor in February.  Hikes can be tailored to various special interests, such as geology, berries, mushrooms, caribou and so forth.


2.) Visiting artist studios: There are four architecturally interesting artist studio on the island; Long, Squish, Bridge, and Tower studios. IMG_0596.jpeg

3.) Sightseeing in Tilting: Once the home to a significant cod fishery, Tilting is a village from a time gone by with fishing huts or stages nestled into every cranny along the sea.DSC_0174.JPG

4.) Boating on the Ketanja: Captain Ane and his crew pilot MV Ketanja for a range of ocean adventures. From the comfort and safety of this well-equipped vessel you may: visit Little Fogo Islands, an abandoned fishing community; look for whales; visit colonies of puffins, razorbills and other seabirds.


5.) Punt racing: Get your heart rate up by commanding (read: rowing) a punt (read: rowboat) on the open ocean. As described in typical Newfie, “These workhorses of the inshore fishery can be a handful to row.”Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada

6.) Pond and trout fishing: There are few things more tranquil than being alone on a pond in the wilderness, pulling in your catch and patiently waiting for the next one to bite.

Packing list:

  • Wedding clothes (formal attire), tailored for moderate to heavy dancing. The ceremony will be outdoors so a cover up might be useful if you are subject to a chill.
  • Casual clothes for the Boil Up and various other casual occasions.
  • Hiking or boating attire, including hiking shoes or boots. We suggest layers for outdoor activities.
  • Swimsuit for outdoor hot tubs. We spotted a sun pillar (below) from the rooftop hot tub on out visits.


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Please fill out the following information, even if you will not be attending the wedding: