We got engaged on a trip around the world….

Now we’re going to the ends of the world to get married!

Fogo Island is one of the original four corners of the Flat Earth.  As noted by John Robert Colombo in his book Canadian Literary Landmarks, 

“Fogo Island holds a special place in the mythology of the Flat Earth Society, members of which maintain that the Earth is shaped like a pancake with an Edge or Great Abyss which may be sighted (weather permitting) at the North Pole or off Fogo Island… It was the poet Al Pittman who first sighted ‘the Edge” off Fogo Island, and the intrepid philosopher Dr. Leo Ferrari actually fell over the edge, or so he alleges, but saved himself by clutching on a projecting rock and pulling himself back, the only man alive known to have survived such an ordeal”


Where else could we go that could compete with the Congo, the Himalayas, and Tonga?

Embellishments aside, we’re excited to host our closest family and friends in a remote place of stunning natural beauty and one-of-a-kind hospitality!

Hope to see you all there,

Jen & Jesse