Why Fogo Island?

In choosing a venue, we wanted to share with our guests a new place and a new experience, to bring you with us on an accessible adventure. On our scouting trips, we were smitten with the natural and rugged beauty, the warm people and their history, and the unique style of the Fogo Island Inn.


We fell for Fogo. We bet you will too.

Here are 11 things we discovered:

1.  At daybreak you might watch whales playing among the icebergs.

(John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail)

2.  The Aurora Borealis might be your nightlight.


3.  You will  be surrounded by unique creatures of the air, land, and sea such as puffins, reindeer, and cod. Cod is a way of life.


4.  As a peculiar result of the Newfoundland salt cod and Jamaican rum trade triangle, the Newfie drink-of-choice is rum (presumably Jamaicans love salt cod)

The rum is called Screech due to the sound you make when you drink it: “What the cripes was that ungodly screech?” The taciturn Newf simply replied, “The screech? ‘Tis the rum, me son.”

5.  Newfies are famously hospitable people

Since there are no bars on Fogo Island the social scene revolves around sheds – privately owned garage-like structures.  Jen and I were invited to a Screech-tasting at the the local Foley clan’s shed. Jen got the freshly chiseled iceberg-ice ready for our drinksdsc_0184

6.  Fogo Island is a small community of 2,300 people in Newfoundland. Most Fogoians have beautiful Irish accents…

…and live in “outports”  such as Tilting or Seldom-Come-By…image.jpg…with picturesque fishing sheds called stagesjba

7. The Fogo Island Inn is the brainchild of Zita Cobb, a philanthropist, who started the Shorefast foundation as a way to save the dying fishing community from which she came.

The goal is to develop the geotourism industy, to further the arts,  and to facilitate lending to small businesses on Fogo Island

8. Contemporary artists are creating masterpieces here

With the help of a local architect, the landscape is punctuated with cutting edge architecture – four studios that are home to an internationally renowned residency program.005_foto-3_-fogoisland_towerstudio_5040_photo_alex_fradkin-1200x750dezeen_squish-studio-by-saunders-architecture_ss_9

9. The Fogo Island Inn is focused on community integration: “Local” and “Sustainable” are the principles they live by:

– Local residents lead tours of their island home.

– The Inn is staffed by locals trained in hospitality and fine cuisine

– All Inn furniture and bedding is crafted locally on the island

– The Inn was meticulously designed to take advantage of the natural landscape (such as using rainwater collection, wood stoves, solar water heating)26953e7fcca10a7907d0ae4f4c592351

– Finally, it has one of the best restaurants in Canada that is focused on highlighting what’s fresh and in season on the island.  Local foods you have to try: cloudberries, seal flipper pie, and cod tongue.Untitled.png

10. Jesse famously asked this man sitting next to him at breakfast “What do you do?”

He said “I designed this place”. Jesse replied “Oh, well done“.01_todd-saunders_popup

11. We will be the first wedding party to rent out the entire Fogo Island Inn! Hope to see you there…