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The Day the World Came to Town

38 planes carrying 6,000 passengers were waylaid in Gander, a town of 10,000 for the better part of a week immediately after 9/11. Perfectly illustrates classic Newfoundland hospitality, warmth, and character.  This story is also the basis for the acclaimed Broadway musical, Come from Away.  Untitled 2.png

The Shipping News

Annie Proulx was inspired by the uniquene beauty of the Newfoundland coast to write this ode to the warm fishing families living in an isolated and harsh environment.  Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.Untitled.png

Strange and Familiar

Highlights the architecture of Fogo Island and fills in the story of how a high end hotel is revitalizing a dying fishing community. Can be watched via iTunes.544798527.jpg

Hand Line Cod

Cod-fishing, originally the life blood of communities like Fogo Island was banned for 20 years.  A small group of traditional fishermen on Fogo Island have returned to catching cod by hand.  Supposedly it tastes a lot better.  A short documentary, coming out soon.1473620038262.gif