If you want to extend the weekend or even take a full-on vacation in Newfoundland, here are some things we recommend:

Gros Morne National Park

aka “Big Moody”, this UNESCO world heritage site has alpine fjords, glacial valleys, and waterfalls.  Only 3 hours north of Gander (5 from the Inn), this is highly recommended before or after the wedding if you have the time.


Salmon fishing

Some of the world’s best fresh water fishing is in Newfoundland, and our wedding date falls right in the peak of salmon season!  There is also trophy brook trout.  You’ll need an inland fishery license and/or a guide to go.


St. Johns

Only 3 hours south of Gander (5 from the Inn), this is the capital and cultural center of Newfoundland


Things to do in St. John’s:

– East Coast Trail in Avalon: Just outside of town, this is hiking’s “holy grail” – there are crags, ocean cliffs, and geysers

Quidi Vici Brewery: An award-winning microbrewery that makes its beers from 25,000 year-old iceberg water.


– Signal Hill: beautiful views reward a quick climb, this is where the first transatlantic telegram was received


– Cape Spear: The most easterly point in North America, and also the site of the oldest surviving light house in Canada


Sable Island

The subject of one of Jen’s favorite long running gallery shows in New York, this sandy barrier island in Nova Scotia is a national park as of 2011, and home to over 400 feral horses – one of the last reserves of wild horses.  Pretty much the only way to see it is on a boat trip leaving from St. John in Newfoundland.


Trans-Canada Trail

The longest trail in the world is planned for completion in 2017.  For people who are really into hiking.